Oct 3, 2008

FOH stands for...

A) Free of Hormones

B) Friend of Humpderdinck

C) Feisty Old Hornball

D) [the] Falstaff of Hens

E) Front of House

If you picked E, you are correct. (And absolutely no fun at all.) However, I do have fun running Front of House during an opera performance, front of house being the lobby and seats of the theater. (And I'm a big help.)

I helped the Red Coats at PlayhouseSquare put out programs to pass out before the performance.

Hey, a chicken's got to take a break, right??

On Opening Night, we had a special sponsor: Catan Fashions. It sponsored de-light-ful "wedding" cupcakes we passed out after the performance. Brenda from Catan manned a booth that featured lots of glittery jewels and gorgeous frocks.

...and shoes. Um, yeah.


xiaotiqin said...

Have a great show! Don't peck out anyone's eyes though.

vkwheels said...

working those shoes!