Oct 15, 2008


Can you believe we're opening Hansel and Gretel in just two weeks and two days?!? I was so busy bumming around Kansas City and such that I haven't had the chance to get to many rehearsals yet. I sneaked over the other day to get my fix.

'We have to block that again?!'
Are Anya and Patricia pouting for real or are they acting? Hmmm.

Best seat in the house
I'm kinda his muse.

Witchy woman
Dana Beth: If I have to wear this rehearsal skirt over my jeans ONE MORE DAY, I'm gonna...
Anya: You're scaring me.
Dana Beth: I'm supposed to scare you, I'm the Witch.
Anya: I'm going to leave now.


Kentucky Opera said...

Your rehearsal space is very nice, natural lighting, good floors. Does it double as a ballet studio?

Carl said...

The rehearsal space in PlayhouseSquare, which also houses the State Theatre where we perform. So it *does* double as rehearsal space--for whoever is performing at PlayhouseSquare (dance, musicals, etc.)

Byron said...

Having been in many, many rehearsal spaces across the country, those rooms in Playhouse Square are among the nicest. I was spoiled working there and missed them greatly when I left.