Oct 21, 2008


If you're a loyal reader of this blog (and, really, what other kind of reader would you be?), you know that lovely voices ain't the only parts of an opera production. No, m'am. It takes a village.

Half of that village seems to be comprised of technical sorts--making sure the lights come on when they're supposed to, that singers enter the stage when they're supposed to, that props are there when they're supposed to be there, etc., etc. I am consistently amazed by all them.

Lighting Designer John Demous shines a little light on me. (I wish he could have worked on the lighting for this photo. Oy.)

Stage managers have lots of binders and post-it notes. (And ulcers.)

For a while I thought our assistant stage managers were really polite about asking questions. Turns out all the hand raising is cues for the singers' entrances on stage. Oh.

This is what happens when a singer doesn't enter on cue.

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