Oct 16, 2008


If you didn't hit up our Meet the Cast event on Tuesday night, y'all are missing out. Honestly, even if you're not totally down with opera (cough*heathen*cough), you would find these Q&As interesting. It's fascinating to hear about how the singers "fell" into opera (Oops, stubbed my toe on some Puccini!) or how they cope with constant traveling. The Hansel and Gretel cast was no different, and I certainly learned a lot more about them as people. (Opera singers--they're just like us!)

I swear Dean had aspirations of being Merv Griffin. He's too good as our emcee.

Patricia, Allen (our repetiteur), Anya and Chuck
Like Elaine in our Figaro, Anya also went from chorus girl to Mimi in La boheme, when the original Mimi didn't work out. In her case, she performed in Baz Luhrman's (think Moulin Rouge) production of boheme in Los Angeles. At age 23. Um, whoa.

Chuck is one funny guy with many fascinating stories, including one about long ago trying out his French skills and complimenting someone on her two cute toilets (when he meant dogs). I can't say there are humorous stories about French mispronunciation here, but take a listen to our podcasts with Chuck and Dean here.

Natasha and Patricia
Natasha is a local gal! Well, she went to CIM--and decided to stick around. [Deity of your choice] bless Patricia. She is not only working her bum off as Hansel; she is also playing new mom--to 7-week-old twins! (And you could never tell by looking at her--or hearing her.)

Speaking of kids, I learned Dana Beth has 12 siblings (0r 13? Don't you just lose count at some point?) She said family vacations involved matching tee shirts. (Oh my.)

(Thanks to Phil at ClevelandSlovenian for the first two pix!)

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Chuck is wearing a most FABULOUS shirt!