Jun 12, 2009


Today I joined Dean, Anya, Gaetan and Victor at 90.3 WCPN (go NPR!) for their interview on Around Noon. I met a fellow opera fan, Dan Polletta, who interviewed the singers.

If you tune in on Monday at noon (natch), you'll get a sneak peek listen at Anya's and Victor's fan-frickin'-tastic voices and hear an interesting interview.

If you miss it, you are clearly a slanderous, dread-bolted, mildewed ear, but you can catch it at your leisure online.

Are you wondering why I look a little...different in the group photo? Take a closer look:

I'm Carlstaff!! Anya made me my own fat suit and antler hat. (Doesn't this mean I'm officially his understudy now??)


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