Jun 18, 2009


We are getting so meta around here.

Last night's dress rehearsal was a pioneering social media experience for Opera Cleveland. A few handfuls of area bloggers/Twitter users came out to enjoy and comment on the opera. We gave them full access to the house and to backstage, (where they hopefully met me!)

I spent the morning reading their Twitter updates and blog posts about their experience, and it was so fun to see everything through different eyes.

If you have a Twitter account, you can read the updates here.

Adam Harvey at Organic Mechanic posted a cool blog post about the evening, along with photos, including a sketch by Debbie Gill that she did while watching the opera:

John Heaney at Orange Envelopes tweeted with this backstage image:

Kevin Cronin over at RealNeo posted this and noted "a great opportunity, to see the behind the scenes wrangling and appreciate both the backstage and on stage professionalism."

John Farina was the prolific Twitter-er of the evening, whose tweets included: "I was very excited to actually see Carl the Opera Chicken tonight!" (duh, who wasn't?) and "This feels like I'm doing a 'pop-up video' on VH1." (oooh, great idea--Pop-Up Opera!)

Scott Piepho and his daughter hiked up from Akron. (Click here to read perhaps the only blog post to reference both opera and Chumbawumba.)

We also had Eric Purcell, Tech Czar Michael DeAloia, Alexa Marinos at Cleveland's a Plum (no, you are!), Stacy "I told you no Pantone colors!" Mallardi-Stajcar and Rick Pollack--and their guests--hanging out.

Thanks to everyone who came!

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