Jun 5, 2009


Our Meet the Cast events are still one of my favorite things we do. I like hearing people's stories almost as much as I like opera. (Almost, mind you.)

We had a large crowd at our Falstaff Meet the Cast event on Tuesday, where I found out lots of interesting tidbits about our cast.

For instance, Caitlyn Lynch (above center) grew up in a musical family. She recalls napping in the coat racks at church while waiting for her parents who were in choir practice. Her father is in the funeral business, though, and had she not gone into singing, she may have joined the family business!

While some singers, like Anya Matanovic (above right), pretty much always knew they would follow that career path, others didn't start there. Fenlon Lamb was pursuing a degree in geology, Gaetan Laperriere used to be the head of school physical fitness program, and Peter Kazaras was a lawyer before becoming a singer (and now director).

That's all this bird brain can remember, but IF YOU WOULD HAVE COME TO THE EVENT you would have heard lots more! ;)


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