Jun 1, 2009


I'm not gonna lie: Victor Ryan Robertson (Fenton) and Tim Culver (Dr. Caius) called me foul/fowl names while we were taking this photo. Use your imagination.

Falstaff (Gaetan Laperriere) chats up Mistress Quickly (Melissa Parks) in rehearsal, who is trying to avert her eyes from his plunging man-cleavage. (No matter that said cleavage is all foam and fabric.)

Extreme man-cleavage close-up:

(And, no, our Falstaff will not be wearing a tracksuit; we're not going Euro-trashy on y'all.)

Because Peter is back directing for us, it's inevitable that Tommy, his loyal, permed companion is here, too. (You can sometimes see him on the live video of rehearsal!)


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