May 29, 2009


I know I go on and on about opera (it's my JOB!) But the truth is I'm down with all of the arts, as are all of my co-workers. (For example: Paul plays in the pit for musicals at Near West Theatre, Sarah works at the Cleveland Film Festival, William plays trombone in Swing Time...and Lisa watches So You Think You Can Dance.)

I'm just starting to get out to other arts events in Cleveland, and last week I attended a rehearsal of Lend Me a Tenor at Cassidy Theatre. It's a comedy about opera (natch!)

"Tito Morelli" (with me, above) is an opera singer set to perform Otello with the "Cleveland Grand Opera Company." It can't be that simple, though, eh? All hell breaks loose--frantic board members, a stressed out company manager, sexual tension... (A true-to-life comedy, it is then.)

Some of said hell breaking loose. (Or maybe just a cast party.)

Some of said sexual tension. (What can I say? I'm irresistible.)

It opens tonight but it runs through June 14--check it out!


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Pedro Ciarlini said...

Hi Carl!
You ARE everywhere!!
I went to Cassidy Theater, this show is a MUST! Very, very funny! I loved it!