May 26, 2009


So, the Falstaff singers are here, but I lived up the three-day weekend (see my Twitter) so I haven't met them yet. (After all, tomorrow is another day--no offense to Scarlett and her charred plantation.)

Another thing I am a bit behind on is setting up "Falstaff: A Bird's Eye View." We're rigging a camera up during rehearsals--and backstage at dress rehearsals--so I can bring you live footage of just what goes into a production. (You'll see the blood, sweat and tears firsthand, yo.)

This is why I am behind:

Mailings! Lots of mail to get out (not only is our staff talented at producing operas, doing finances, wrangling singers, educating kids, marketing, etc, we're all dang good envelope stuffers. We have lots of practice.)

But stay tuned, this week, I should have links to the live web cam.


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