May 7, 2009


In preparation for announcing our next season, we've been doing some reading. And I can't believe I hadn't yet discovered The Grove Dictionary of Opera. It deserves one hearty OMG.

Dictionary is actually a feeble word for the collection of four volumes. It's an encyclopedia. Over 5,000 pages cover more than 1,800 operas and 2,900 composers.

One might think that reading an encyclopedia would be dull, but one would be WRONG. It's honestly difficult to restrict my research because it's so easy to get sidetracked.

I may let down my peeps but this chicken ain't going out this weekend--got some reading to do.


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Jenn said...

Carl -- I would love to come up and discuss all things operatic... I'm flying the coup down here at 1pm tomorrow... are you and the peeps going to be in the office around 3ish?? Maybe we can take in an early cocktail? Or I can help w/ a mailing or collating project ;)?