May 28, 2009


My giddiness is pretty darn hard to contain right now. Partly it's the high that Clevelanders feel when the weather is finally on our side. But mostly it's because our production of Falstaff is in full swing now that the cast is here. AND I can watch their every move--even if I have to be in the office. The live web cam is up (as you can see on the sidebar here), so no nose-picking, singers--we're watching you.

They're chill, though. I hung out with them at rehearsal:

Leave it to Valerie to make sure I have my own coffee mug. She's always got my back wing.

In the first days of rehearsals, the principals sit and sing through the score. It's like the most-talented campfire sing-along ever--without the S'mores. Or the fire.

Peter, what a big score you have...Wait, are you watching Hulu?

Dean introduced me to our Falstaff, Gaetan Laperriere. He's from Montreal. Once you hear his resonant, accented voice, you will say it with me, folks: Oh-la-frickin'-la.

That's not...No! NO! Fie on that lily-livered knave Falstaff and his gluttony!
(Best prepare yourselves the next few weeks for an onslaught of Shakespearean insults.)


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