May 5, 2009


After nearly a year with the opera (and by virtue of my demanding curiosity), you'd think there was no place I haven't seen at the theatre. But no. There are still places to discover and new stories to tell you fair readers. (It's my job security--that and the fact that I DON'T get paid.)

During The Barber of Seville, I finally made it up to "The Booth" (aka BFE). A fabled place no more.

You know the surtitles that are projected above the stage? This is where they are controlled, by the able-bodied Henry on a wee laptop.

The booth is also where the follow spot lives. (See the stage WAY below in the photo? That's how far away the booth is. It might as well be across the street. Seriously. I got woozy from the height. And I'm a BIRD.)

Here's the light board, which controls the lights. (Duh.) It sorta looks like a '70s computer (minus the polyester-clad users).

On the catwalk, yeah. I shake my little tush on the catwalk.


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Angela said...

glad to see you finally made it up to the booth. I fondly remember running titles with Henry!