May 14, 2009


This week, in my ongoing efforts to understand EVERY aspect of Opera Cleveland, I hovered around our Development Analyst/Special Events Coordinator, Brett DeHaven.

Brett starts her day by processing any donations we've received. By donations, I mean checks not non-perishable food items (though I don't think we're above that.) She enters any gifts into our donor software and then our accounting software. (Why make things simple??!)

Me: Hey, isn't it easier to process a $500 check than a $50 check?
Brett: Whaa...oh, YES. Much, much easier.

Afterward, we sent out thank you letters (because we are DANG thankful for any donations.)

And, now for something completely different...because, remember, everyone who works at the opera actually does about three jobs rolled into one. I helped Brett work on an event she is organizing, titled "How Do They Do That?" (Even though this sounds SUSPICIOUSLY like the title of this blog post series.) On June 25, as a thank you to donors who have given $100 or more, we have a cool backstage tour of Falstaff planned. Brett works on some of the logistics of the event--sending out invitations, etc, etc.

But WAIT...there's more.

Brett also acts as a liaison to our Impresario Society (our donors who give significant leadership gifts that sustain us). So, we did some ticket exchanges for some of the members, as seen here.

(BTW, she is a blonde here, but that changes as often as Cleveland weather.)


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