Jun 8, 2009


For a chicken, I certainly get around. (Texas, Florida, Colorado, Canada...) Nonetheless, I still live vicariously through others, and I am not ashamed.

So I was a little a-flutter when I learned of some celebrity connections our Falstaff cast has.

David Won (who plays Ford) has been a regular at The Met, thus rubbing elbows with some of the opera elite. He debuted there as Gregorio in Romeo et Juliette, which starred Natalie Dessay. He later reprised the role opposite Anna Netrebko and Roberto Alagna. [insert wistfulness]

(I'm not worthy, David, I'm not worthy!)

Steven Goldstein, who plays Bardolph, has also shared the stage with some notables--in both his opera and theater careers. It runs the gamut from Wagnerian diva Jane Eaglen to Ed Begley, Junior.

(Hey, Ed, remember me?!)

Steven has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, including House of Games, directed by David Mamet:

(Forgive him, it was the '80s.)


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