Mar 6, 2009


I perched by Director Linda while Tom Hammons (Bartolo) and Daniela Mack (Rosina) practiced their staging for a scene.

Note: Rosina is the ward of Bartolo, which means he's, like, her guardian. Yet, he totally wants to get in her pants (or petticoat, as it were). A touch of Woody Allen-ness there, wouldn't you say? (sans the black glasses and overall nebbishness.)

Tom Hammons is back! (in his signature role as Bartolo, nonetheless) He and I went over the recitatives with Dean.

Ah, yes, I could use some of these props for my laboratory (pronounced La-BORE-a-tory, you bloody fool!) Alas, stage managers said no.


Western Reserved said...

What in the world does a chicken need with a laboratory?

Carl said...

You just may find out on October 17, 2019 at 3:53 pm.