Mar 16, 2009


It was Brian's turn for ye olde Q&A. I went a little easier on him than Tom since Tom and I go way back (to September, okay, but I'm young!)

Three things I can't live without:

My laptop (a MacBook Pro), the Food Network and hand sanitizer
(A world without Purell is a world best not contemplated.)

First piece I ever sang :
The first piece I ever remember singing was the hymn, “I Love To Tell the Story” inkindergarten. The first opera I ever sang in was La Boheme (in the chorus). The first opera role I ever performed was Melchior in Amahl and the Night Visitors.

Least favorite opera:

Favorite composer:

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
When people write YOU'RE when they mean YOUR.
(Your so right!)

I can't go onstage without:
A full stomach and a prayer

All-time favorite singer:
A tie between Maria Callas and Olivia Newton-John
(And, really, who should have to choose?)

If I hadn’t become a singer, I would have:
A lot more money in my savings account. Or maybe actually not because I would have been a research scientist (most likely an astrophysicist)

My weakness:

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