Mar 9, 2009


Sadly, but not surprisingly, more people are familiar with pop cultural allusions to great operas. You might think you don't know a thing about The Barber of Seville, but, by virtue of a person's 4-hour-average-of-television-a-day, I bet you actually do. Perhaps The Barber of Seville doesn't ring a bell, but maybe The Rabbit of Seville does. I thought so. (*patting own back*)

Now, I wanted to give you a reminder of this popular Looney Tunes cartoon, but there seems to be copyright issues, blah blah blah. BUT I did find this Spanish YouTube version below.

Opera is a cultural experience, right? Well, now it's multi-cultural. You're welcome.

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Kevin said...

Daniel Goldmark is going to speak about cartoon music at the Cleveland Public Library's main library on April 1. I wish I could go.