Mar 31, 2009


I've got another opening weekend under my wing (that's three now, if you're keeping track). Of course, of course, it's ALL about the opera, but it doesn't hurt to have an occasion to get dapper.

Our Costume Coordinator Bill obviously thinks the same.

After greeting guests in the lobby, I de-tuxed (not to be confused with de-toxed, which, you know, may be the case someday) and headed backstage. (View from the wings, yeah, yeah yeah.) I caught this shot of Tom Hammons puttering (and pattering) on stage as Bartolo.

THEN...I got to be ON STAGE at the Sunday matinee. In foliage, albeit. (Note: plant was not real, as I discovered when I got a little hungry.)

But, wait! It gets better...

Andy Gangestad (Don Basilio) is truly a friend to poultry everywhere. For he spirited me out from the shroud of vegetation and placed me in plain view on the harpsichord on stage! (And a choir of angels sang...)

I can't promise you I will be as lucky this Saturday night at the performance, but a chicken can hope. A chicken can hope.

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