Apr 28, 2009


Art forms are incestuous. They are always borrowing from, sharing and inspiring each other. But that's not a bad thing. We don't live life in a vacuum (well, except for some dust mites), therefore our art is not created in a vacuum. (I'm sure this statement will get some opposition, and just remember: I have a very, very sharp beak.)

This is a relatively profound preface to the simple fact that I have been browsing Flickr and the web for opera-related artwork.

You may already be familiar with Rafal Oblinski's work. We have a few posters of his pieces in the office, and they are definitely my favorite opera posters.

Here's some of my favorite finds:

(Apparently, the best opera album artwork is usually Carmen.)

Edward Gorey was a fan of music and theater and many of his drawings reflected this. The above drawing is from his story The Blue Aspic, about an obsessed opera fan. (Nooo, it's not about ME!)

I like how so many paintings relating to opera focus on the audience or what's happening in the house, like in the one above by Mary Cassatt.

And then's there:

The Surprising Soprano by Michael Aspinall. No, not really suprised.


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