Apr 6, 2009


Let me tell you, it took a lot to get me out of my coop today. Between Barber of Seville closing on Saturday night and winter's last gasp, I'm not in the most pleasant of moods. (It didn't help that SOMEONE ate my morning Pop Tart. Curses!)

Do not fret, though: I shall overcome. I have Falstaff to look forward to in June. Peter Kazaras, who directed The Marriage of Figaro for us last year, is back to direct. And Dean says it's a really fun cast. (Putt-putt-golf-and-ice-cream-cones fun or doing-keg-stands-in-the-hotel fun? Dean, please be clear.)

photo by: Eric Mull

Here's a parting image of the Barber of cast--collectively fraught with headaches at the end of Act I. (My favorite scene!)


Western Reserved said...

Mine too! It was an honor and a pleasure to see you and your handlers at opening night, Carl.

vkwheels said...

you forgot to mention that you're looking forward to Falstaff, stage managed by Valerie Wheeler...