Apr 22, 2009


We have had some great directors here at Opera Cleveland--so good, in fact, that we invite some back for Round Two. Peter Kazaras directed our Marriage of Figaro in September, and he is returning to the Cleve to direct Falstaff in June. (And, no doubt, bringing his faithful companion Tommy.)

Peter was recently mentioned in an OperaOnline.us article titled Directors Gone Wild, It's All About Ego! His ego was NOT one of the ones being challenged, though. Rather, Peter was noted as the antithesis to directors who disregard composers' objectives, letting their epic artistic vision supersede everything else.

"[Kazaras'] is a silent presence. The audience doesn’t even know that he’s there; but, oh, he leaves his mark...He uses his creativity to enhance the talents of his singer-actors so that they coordinate with the conductor and musicians and shine. His results are just as magical and far more appealing.

Now 'that' is opera."


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