Apr 16, 2009

Thinking Ahead

It's been far too long since my last installment of What DODAD (What Does the Opera Do All Day?) I can only imagine how many of you are on the edge of your ergonomically correct seats wondering when I was going to divulge the goings on at the office.

Let's get the exciting stuff out of the way. In the last two weeks since Barber closed:
1. Sarah did the dishes.
2. Lisa cleaned the supply closet.
3. Will went to a lot of meetings.
(And, yes, all of these things are exciting...when you say "if you know what I mean" after each.)

Besides preparing for Falstaff in June, there's many other tasks to be done. We're getting ready for the Grand Opera Ball this Saturday. Will is actively looking for interns for summer. (Interested?)

While there's plenty to do for the current season, we have been laboring over our NEXT season.

Remember that audience survey we did last summer? (Detailed here and here.)

We definitely took the results of the surveys into account in planning our next season. (Don't say I never listen!)

Today, Paul and I were listening to some of the operas we're planning to produce. (Don't even try to make out the titles on those CDs. I blurred them--and maybe they're not actually the titles anyway. Maybe they are Metallica CDs. Maybe we're doing a Metallica opera. You just never know. )

And just when WILL you find out what our next season is? I think I'll let you bribe me with some beers first...


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