Apr 24, 2009


Backstage people own a lot of black clothes. A lot.

Nonetheless, our technical director Kish likes to express herself through her clothing--her favorite medium being the tee shirt. Besides on opening nights, I have never ever seen her without a tee shirt with some funny saying or another.

I requested demanded a field trip to her closet to see the source of the unending supply of tees.

It was like a cavalcade of cotton/poly. (I swear, Cafe Press should put her on its payroll.)

And then we went to Grandpa's Cheesebarn.


Melear said...

Sounds like someone had a perfect day. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Carl,

I am glad to see a chicken of distinction such as yourself has discovered Grandpa's Cheese Barn. Opera and cheese. Mmm.

An Opera Cleveland Fan and Former Ashlander