Apr 9, 2009


Sometimes life imitates art.

And sometimes Peeps imitate opera.

My peeps had stayed with me for nearly a week, during which time I schooled them on all the most famous operas. But some of them...some of them got a little too into opera.

Vincent and Mathilda realized their true, undying love for one another. But, acknowledging they could never truly be together (for some operatic reason or another), they decided to be together in death.

I tried to talk them out of it. (There's other Peeps in the...supermarket.)

But, alas, they were resolved.

And I wept.


Western Reserve said...

Aw, I love good ole fashioned '80s love. He stopped the world to melt with her.

Anonymous said...

It's very Gotterdammerung...

Anonymous said...

If they had faced each other while holding toothpicks they would have stabbed each other, kind of jousting meets Romeo and Juliette